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Hello all, Happy Summer 2020!

We hope the weather is not too hot in Canada. We had cool weather here in Domme in the past few weeks, but we expect warmer temperature in the coming days.

This Summer marked the latest deconfinement announcement from French government. We are now allowed to travel beyond 100 km. The border between France and EU countries are also open. However, the decision is still to be made on whether to relax/open border restrictions on arrivals into France from outside the European Union.

In France, all regions are now classified as green zones. In addition to stores that are already open since mid-May, restaurants, bars and cafes are now open but with sanitary measures in place. The table setup must respect one-meter apart and the servers must wear masks all the time. Hôtel and B&B are allowed to receive customers. Larger museums and other tourists’ sites are also open. Students across France have been ordered to return to school starting this week. We can see that ''normal'' life has slowly returned. It gives us a nice feeling. Although, we hope people will continue to be vigilant and cautious, as well as to respect the sanitary measures. Obviously, we do not want a second wave of Covid19 to happen.

As for the renovations, the contractors have returned to work since beginning of June. The flooring is done, and all doors are installed. The plaster work on the walls are nearly completed and they are ready for painting. The carpenter is working on the stair and it’s expected to be complete by the end of June. Yes, there will be stairs with proper railing instead of a ladder shown in the picture above :). Daniel will be starting to install tiles in the bathrooms soon. Overall, it has been progressing well. We are hoping all will be ready by end of July and welcome our first guests in August :)

Below are pictures of all 4 bedrooms and salon before and current state in short video. Of course, the final products will be much nicer :) All bedrooms will have en-suite bath, air conditioning and double-glazing windows.

I hope you will enjoy our updates, and do not hesitate to send us email if you have any questions or doubts. Stay safe and healthy!

Bedroom 1: before

Bedroom 1: current state

Bedroom 2: before

Bedroom 2: current state

Bedroom 3 & 4: before

Bedroom 3 & 4: current state

Salon: before

Salon: current state

Terrace: before

Terrace: current state (we will be also adding outdoor sofa)

Jacuzzi is for 7 persons with 4 seats and 3 loungers.


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