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Nous Sommes Ouverts

Bonjour a tous,

Happy summer! We hope you are all well, sound and safe. 

It has been a while since we sent out our last update in June. There’s been a lot of changes since June to where we are now. The staircase was the last big piece of our renovation that was finally installed in the end of July. The biggest challenge was how the cornering to go up to the landing was going to play out without compromising the comfort and safety. Despite the long wait, we are quite happy with the result. the carpenter did an amazing job, what a big relief.

We are so delighted to announce that we're now open for business even though it is not yet 100% full capacity. Our beautiful two bedrooms in the top floor are now ready for reservations. The other two bedrooms are waiting for the plumber to install the vanities and showers. It's vacation time now in France and of course, our plumber is also currently on vacation! 

We are now in the finishing touch mode and working on the house decorations. We visited a lot of flea markets in the area, but it is not always easy to find items that suit the character of the house.

When the de-confinement was fully lifted, the French government encouraged people to take their vacations locally in France. Domme, being classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, have seen the increase of local tourists visiting the village already. Restaurants, gites and bed & breakfast are all fully booked. 

We have received calls from the last-minute people looking for rooms. Thanks to the other Bed and Breakfast in Domme, they refer our number as they are completely booked.  We had our first clients for the first weekend of August. Since then we had and will have quite a few clients for the month of August. This is good for us to slowly get into the rhythm and learn how to organise & run the business efficiently. 

We like to thank all the new subscribers and those who have made their reservation for 2022! Thank you for having confidence in us.

Below are some pictures of our newly renovated home.

Bye for now and until our next update. 

Stay safe and healthy.

Bedroom# 3: Louis de France

Bedroom# 4: Philippe IV le Bel

Other parts of the house: foyer, dining room, garden


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