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Elbow bumps from Domme

Dear all, we hope this blog finds you all in good health and spirit. There is no video update this time as I have not yet got my hair done! Like everyone else in most part of the worlds, we are trying our best to keep motivated and positive during this sanitary crisis. We monitor regularly and closely the situation especially in France and Canada. French government has lifted up the lock down since May the 11th but with strict sanitary measures put in place. Most stores are allowed to open except for restaurants, bars, or cafés. We are limited to travel within 100km perimeter and are only allowed to have gathering up to 10 persons with social distancing. Small cultural centres and parks are allowed to open. It is nice to see most shops along our street started to open. Local tourists from around the area started to visit, though mostly for walking to enjoy the spectacular Dordogne valley view from our village. Domme has started to be