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Is it summer yet?

Bonjour à tous de Domme. We hope you are all well. Daniel and myself are doing well. We also would like to welcome those who just joined to our mailing list recently. Thank you for being interested in our project. You can read our previous journey stories in our blog section in our website. In the last few months we have progressed our renovation works. Finally we are in the nearly full completion of our kitchen, dining room and our bed room. There are still a few things to install and touch ups, so yes Dan still has few things to complete in the next few weeks😊. In the other hands, the preparation of the big works to the rest of the house is also moving pretty well. We have received all the quotes from all trades and we are in the middle of finalizing and sign it. There are few surprising things that were not part of our initially estimation and expectation, so the budget has ballooned to more than double. It needs a lot of thinking and discussion to strategize how we could still proceed with this project. By far, this is the most challenging project we have taken and it is also a big test for us as a couple. We are putting all our whole lives saving into this project. It is really tough but after all the considerations and due diligence, we have determined to move forward with our big dream. Go big for 2020! In addition to the renovation, we are also busy working on the plan and logistic regarding our tour package. Perhaps not all of you know that we are not just going to offer Bed and Breakfast but rather one week all-inclusive tour package except the air fare, to explore our beautiful Dordogne region. According to National Geography, Dordogne region is ranked number 5 as best place in the world to visit in 2019. In the couple of months we are going to provide some information on the samples of our tour activities. Once we have confirmation on our completion target renovation date from our project manager, we hope to be able to open in the 2020 season. As such we will be able to start taking official reservation in the coming months. So, please stay in tuned for our 2020 special offers. In the middle of this crazy project, we had a chance to take short vacation to visit our Canadian friend in Holland. This was our first European road trip. It was short but we were grateful to have this experience. It always amazes us that within 5-hour drive, we were in 3 different countries with multiple languages spoken. We really love to live in Europe!

We also keep exploring sites in our region to put them into our tour itineraries. Stay tuned for our sample of our tour activities in the coming months.

We are wishing you all a great summer and hopefully the summer weather finally arrives very soon. Stay safe and have a lovely vacation with your family and friends. As always please help us to spread to the world on our project and we cannot have enough to say thank you for all your support. Until the next updates!


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