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Family Day Holiday

Hi there, this is Daniel and Stephanus. We are a couple who lives in Canada's capital region, Ottawa-Gatineau area. We are currently working full time and we have been working toward our dreams to open up a Bed and Breakfast in France. This has been our dreams in last few years and recently has becomes more concrete especially when we sold our Condo unit in Ottawa. We are also selling our residence and hoping it will be sold in the next few months. In May 2017, we are going to France again to continue our search for a property of our dreams.

Today is a family day holiday in Ontario, and since I woke up this morning, I have been feeling to excited of thinking about our next journey together to start a different life style.

I determined today to start compiling our contacts, which are people whom we met in the last few months and listened to our plans and they would like us to provide them the status of our journey.


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