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Fête du Printemps

Nous sommes très heureux et voulons souhaiter la bienvenue à tous ceux qui se sont manifestés sur notre liste de distribution. Welcome and thank you for those who have joined our mailing list recently!

Une bonne nouvelle récente nous amène à faire une mise à jour sur l'avancement de notre projet. Tout est bien malgré des challenges que nous avons eu ici et là. Nous avons obtenu le permis de construction dans un délais plus rapide que prévue, qui nous a tellement surpris et même les résidents du village en était. Le bâtiment étant situé dans un site classé " plus beau village de France " , il nous est interdit d'effectuer les travaux pendant la saison touristique. Donc, les rénovations devront commencer cette automne après que nous avons accepté les devis auprès des artisans. We have received our construction permit after a month and a half from the submission date which surprised us and to the locals as it usually takes three to four months (this is unusual but we take it!). We are currently waiting for quotes from the trades, and since our house is situated right in the tourist area, we are not allowed to have construction during the tourist season, so unfortunately the construction can only start sometime in Fall. On the bright side, the big work will begin soon finally! Yay!

Dans les mois suivant, nous lancerons en plus de détails le forfait et comment réserver. In the coming months, we are going to announce our package and how to book in more details, so please stay tuned!

As for the other side of the house, it has been progressing well too. We received the kitchen cabinets and waiting for the floor to be delivered, once installed we will have our kitchen done. So far, we are very happy with our maçon (stone builder) as you can see his work in some of the pictures above.

The renovation has been quite overwhelming for us and as usual we try our best to enjoy it and have fun along the way. Dan has joined local Pétanque club and despite never playing before, he picked up the game pretty fast and play pretty well. That he almost got shipped back to Canada from the locals :).

We still have get togethers with our neighbours almost every weekend. We enjoy nice company, conversation, food and wine, of course. This gathering has been a great opportunity for me to improve my French too. We also attend as many festivals around our villages. A couple of weeks ago, we went to 'La fête de la truffe à Campagnac-lès-Quercy, nearby Domme as you can see in the pictures above.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first unofficial guests. Our amazing new fantastic friends Jake and Lisa from Amazing Abruzzo Tours in Italy. They were on a European vacation tour and stopped by in Domme. Thanks to them we got a moral boost and feel we are on the right path. Check out their site, they are situated in Torre de’Passeri a beautiful area of Italy.

Another bright side, Spring is just around the corner. Actually it has been warmer than usual. The strawberries are 2 weeks early, the cherry trees are blossoming and many other types of trees we don't know are in flowers. So hang in there friends and family in Canada, winter and snow will be over one day and you will enjoy nice warmer weather soon, or not :)

Bon Fête du Printemps! Happy Spring and until the next updates! Please help us to spread the world on our project.


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