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Ça Y Est. Les Rénovations Sont Terminées

Coucou tout le monde,

C’est Daniel et Stephanus de Domme. Nous espérons que vous allez bien et en bonne santé.

We are finally happy to say that our long wait for the renovation to complete is finally over. It is done, c’est fini! The new chapter of our business adventures starts.

The 4 of our bedrooms are now ready for rent. What a timing we have to start the business in tourism industry in 2020!!!

But we still have many things to be grateful for. We thought we could not afford the renovation when budget doubled and the pandemic arrived in the year we are supposed to open our business . But somehow we survived and are able to keep moving forward.

We are grateful that we are healthy. We are grateful that in August and September we had some clients stayed with us. We started slowly with 2 bedrooms but it turned out to be a good way of starting a business that we don’t have any previous experiences. The clients were nice and gave us lots of constructive feedbacks. This also allows us to adjust our routines slowly and improves our services along the way. We have few reviews from some of them, and so far it is very encouraging.

In the next couple of months it would be tough. People are waiting to see what would happen with this Covid19 and sanitary measures imposed by most countries. We do not know when people will start travelling again. But we know it will come again one day!.

For those who have reserved the tour in 2021, thank you again and we will see you all soon.

Here are some pictures of the other 2 bedrooms and salon/living room. Hope you enjoy our updates. Check out our websites regularly and please kindly share it to your friends and family.

Bye for now and please stay safe and healthy.


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