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Notre 1ère anniversaire à Domme

June 14th, 2018 was a big milestone for us when we received keys to our new home in Domme, France. It has been a year since we live in Domme. Our first year in France has been filled by a lot of surprises, both frustrating and pleasant ones. But overall, we are happy to chose Domme as our home, hopefully for many many years to come.

We feel lucky that our neighbours are very welcoming, though they sometime make fun of Dan's Canadian French accent :) We make friends with some of them as you can see in the video where we have french fries night very often. Oh gosh, French people do love fries :) besides wines, cheese and saucisson, of course.

Domme is classified one of the most beautiful villages in France and it is located about 250 meters above ocean. The view from belvédère is just breathtaking. We have quite a number of boutiques selling products from the region like fois gras, confit de canard, noix, and apéro like vin pêche or châtaigne or poire is one of our favourites and it would be your favourite too once you taste it :)

Beside strolling along in 13th century old fortified village and browsing local shops, you can also visit the cave with 400m of stalactite filled galleries and a glass lift takes you back up to the surface, or museum which showcases lots of items relating to life in the Perigord during the last century.

There are many more to explore and see in our village and surrounding but for now, we will keep them for your surprises :)

Stay tuned to our next updates.

Á bientôt.


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