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L'histoire de notre évier

La cuisine est le coeur de la maison. That is why, it took us a couple of months to design our kitchen that is functional and yet it is still blending in our centuries stone house. In the end, we installed modern kitchen appliances but keep certain things to be old that carry history. We determined to find old stone kitchen sink. Daniel had been contacting and visiting few places but we finally placed an order from a store, not far from Perigueux, which is about an hour drive from our house. Since this was make to order, it took a couple of weeks. A few weeks later we received a call from the store to inform us that the stone block they have ordered to make the sink has cracked so they have to place another one. Oh no, not another delay again. That was our first reaction. However apparently they found a stone block in their backyard that they have purchased about 20 years ago from local Abbaye. They have forgotten about it. It is about 200-year old Abbaye or more. Unfortunately they forgot which Abbaye. Dan went to the store to see it and it has perfect size and dimension for our kitchen cabinet, so we said yes. The outcome was just stunning. It is really nice to have a kitchen sink made of stone which was part of an Abbaye few hundred years ago. It is really blessing in disguise and we keep part of a history in our century old house.


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